“Apprentis Chercheurs” in Drugs Disorders: A New Concept in Prevention Strategy


We report a new strategy based on scientific education for sensitizing teenagers to the addiction-related harms. This strategy is diverted from a program called “Apprentis Chercheurs”. Pairs of young adolescents are welcome in research laboratories working on addiction all along the school year. They are fully integrated in the research team and directly participate to the experiments under the supervision of a senior researcher. At the end of the school year, they orally communicate their results to other students of their schools, their teachers, their parents and the research team in a peer-to-peer approach during a scientific conference organized within every participant research center.

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Nalpas, B. , Cordonnier, J. , Le Bras, M. and Donnet-Kamel, D. (2014) “Apprentis Chercheurs” in Drugs Disorders: A New Concept in Prevention Strategy. Creative Education, 5, 1843-1847. doi: 10.4236/ce.2014.521205.

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