Analysis on the Path of the Innovation of the Cultural Quality-Oriented Education in University


We have proposed the concept of the cultural quality-oriented education for university in China, aiming at “improving the students’ aesthetic taste, cultural taste, humanistic quality and scientific quality through strengthening education on the subjects of literature, history, philosophy, arts and other humanities and social science and natural science in university”. However, some colleges and universities tend to be utilitarian with knowledge-based and technique-based status in practice. They use the training mode of one-sided pursuit of employment, and neglect the development of the humanistic spirit. The curriculum is unable to adapt to the actual needs of students of different specialties, and the implementing effect of the cultural quality-oriented courses is below expectation. Only by surpassing this predicament can the cultural quality-oriented education in university be promoted on the inheritance and innovation fruitfully. Under the new situation, the specific path of the cultural quality-oriented education in university should be mainly paved in the curriculum setting, teaching management, learning selection and student evaluation.

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Zhang, Y. (2015) Analysis on the Path of the Innovation of the Cultural Quality-Oriented Education in University. Creative Education, 6, 415-419. doi: 10.4236/ce.2015.63041.

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