Government and Enterprise Jointly Build “Dingmeng E-Commerce Pioneer Park”, Playing the Strongest Voice of the E-Commerce Business in the Whole District—Practice and Enlightenment of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service in Yanjiang Street


In a new era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Yanjiang Street in Jiangbei new district of Nanjing city actively introduces private capital and jointly builds Dingmeng E-commerce Pioneer Park with enterprises. The two sides respectively input government services and supporting resources, enterprise innovation and driving resources, to establish the first e-commerce pioneer park in the whole region, and gather social innovation forces and innovative talents, fully stimulate the entrepreneurship and innovation vitality of enterprises in the incubation base. In this process, both the government and enterprises gather strength and focus on the cultivation and reconstruction of excellent Internet brands. At present, this model has achieved good stage results and has been widely recognized by all sectors of society.

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Ren, H. (2019) Government and Enterprise Jointly Build “Dingmeng E-Commerce Pioneer Park”, Playing the Strongest Voice of the E-Commerce Business in the Whole District—Practice and Enlightenment of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service in Yanjiang Street. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 7, 309-315. doi: 10.4236/jss.2019.710026.

1. Background

On May 22, 2015, the General Office of the State Council forwarded “the guiding opinions on popularizing the Mode of Cooperation between Government and Social Capital in the Field of Public Service” (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”). It pointed out that in the field of public service, the PPP model of government-enterprise cooperation should be encouraged to attract the participation of social capital and provide high-quality and efficient public services for the masses.

The opinion emphasized that local governments should earnestly perform their duties such as planning guidance, propaganda and training, performance evaluation, expert pool and project database construction, and local governments in a position to do so should further integrate special forces, improve their professional level and service ability, carry out relevant work practices, and undertake the responsibility of summing up and popularizing the experience of the mode of cooperation between government and enterprises.

In order to respond positively to the above call, Yanjiang street in Jiangbei new district of Nanjing city actively, which is located in the national new area, introduced private capital to build the first e-commerce business incubator in the region—“Dingmeng E-commerce Pioneer Park” (hereinafter referred to as “Dingmeng”), through the introduction of private capital and the cooperation between government and enterprises.

With the help of “Internet+”, Dingmeng seizes the new opportunity of industrial reform, actively develops cross-border e-commerce, and constantly taps the new potential of economic development [1] . Government and enterprises cooperate to create a “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” ecological environment that integrates, coordinates and shares, constantly tap the new potential of local economic development, and enhance the effectiveness of entrepreneurship and innovation [2] .

Based on the above background, this paper intends to study and explore the “DingMeng Model” of Yanjiang Street and form an experience summary, in order to provide scientific and professional sample reference for the healthy promotion of the PPP model of government-enterprise cooperation in the field of mass entrepreneurship and innovation service.

2. Implementation of Work

2.1. Introduce Social Capital, Innovate the Main Body of Public Project Investment

In September 2013, the cadres of street investment promotion department received the operation team of Dingmeng project for the first time. They were attracted by their innovative operation ideas and professional development positioning.

After careful investigation and report, the street leadership team decided to actively introduce “Dingmeng”, which is a characteristic business incubation project, to settle down in Yanjiang Street in November and helped “Dingmeng” rent the west office building of Xinhua community neighborhood committee at a favorable price.

2.2. Transform Function Orientation and Innovate Public Service Mode

The operation of “Dingmeng” is led by the professional operation team of the enterprise, with certain support from the street, which can create a more accurately grasp the dynamics of the e-commerce industry and the real needs of e-commerce start-ups.

It is possible to “focus on and create a small and fine” start-up space from the vulnerable spot, so that the unit economic benefit of each square site can be maximized.

Guided by the actual needs of the construction and operation of Dingmeng, Yanjiang Street organizes cadres of various departments to regularly enter the park for investigation, study and discussion. They innovate the service mode and provided comprehensive, wide range and high quality services for Dingmeng [3] .

For example, they provide various policy support and inter-departmental coordination services for its construction and operation, to handle industrial and commercial registration for enterprises entering the park, to open a green service channel to help enterprises apply for entrepreneurship and employment support policy, and so on.

2.3. Hire Experts to Study and Explore and Form a Summary of Experiences

In order to study and explore the feasible scheme of healthy implementation of PPP model in the field of social public service such as mass entrepreneurship and innovation service, Yanjiang Street also invited Professor Cheng Qian who is the doctoral supervisor of School of Public Affairs, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, as the expert in the study of “Ding Meng” mode, and to provide theoretical guidance and consulting services for the operation of the project.

3. Implementation Results

3.1. The Entrepreneurial Environment of Yanjiang Street Has Been Significantly Optimized

Since the project landed, “Ding Meng” has successfully passed the acceptance of relevant department leaders and experts, and has been approved at the municipal level and provincial entrepreneurship demonstration park, becoming the only entrepreneurial park that won the qualification of “Provincial Entrepreneurship Park” in the North New District in 2018.

Until now, Dingmeng has incubated and introduced about 200 entrepreneurial teams and enterprises. It has incubated7 enterprises that have won the honor of “Provincial and Municipal Outstanding Entrepreneurship Project”, 6 enterprises with the honor of “high-level talent program”, 17 enterprises that have gained investment, and a number of Internet brand enterprises, which have emerged with rapid development and great potential, such as DongFangqingji, AiJili, XiaoCheng Workshop and NiKuo Outdoor. So, “DingMeng” has gradually become a paradise for young entrepreneurs in the North New District t, especially for e-commerce entrepreneurs around Yanjiang Street.

In September of 2017, Yanjiang Street was also approved as the first batch of “provincial-level entrepreneurial street” in Nanjing due to the achievements of Dingmeng, in the field of entrepreneurship and incubation.

3.2. Effectively Promoted the Agglomeration and Development of Yanjiang E-Commerce Industry

Based on the support of the street and the accumulation of resources of the operation team for many years in the e-commerce industry, Since it was built, Dingmeng focuses on the functional orientation of e-commerce enterprise incubation base, e-commerce talent training base, e-commerce service outsourcing base, e-commerce technology research and development base, Striving to integrate products, sales platform, logistics, talent, training, software and other e-commerce resources for enterprises, and to create a “ecommerce ecosystem” [4] , which is beneficial to the development of entrepreneurial enterprises, especially e-commerce startups.

Dingmeng also pays attention to the introduction of e-commerce enterprises in various business fields to create an “e-commerce industrial chain” that integrates product display, talent training, R&D design, warehousing logistics, photography and art, financial services, and so on.

At the same time, 182 new ecommerce enterprises were introduced and incubated independently, of which 141 enterprises were stable and profitable. Thus, a small ecommerce industrial agglomeration area has been gradually established, which has effectively promoted the agglomeration development of ecommerce industry in Yanjiang Street and its surrounding area.

3.3. Actively Promote the Integration of Traditional and E-Commerce Industry in the Surrounding Areas of Yanjiang Street

Dingmeng actively guides and promotes the deep cooperation between express service enterprises and the ecommerce enterprises around Yanjiang Street. It also provides offline logistics guarantee for the process, that the entity enterprises actively transform into the internet enterprises [5] .

Take the Jiangan Shuicheng Community for example, before 2014, there was no express delivery points there.

While, from 2014 to 2019, various international and domestic express delivery agencies have been set up in the vicinity of Dingmeng. Only near the Jiangan Shuicheng Community, there are 7 to 8 distribution points.

At the same time, with the help of various e-commerce training, “Ding Meng” promotes Meituan, sends fun, and other O2O platforms to entrepreneurs, and integrates local traditional industry resources and e-commerce services resources in Yanjiang Street and the surrounding areas. Thus, it effectively promotes the organic combination of traditional entity industry and e-commerce industry [6] .

3.4. Took the Lead in Opening up the Area of Professional Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce in the Whole Region

“Ding Meng” focuses on guiding and exploring enterprises with technical capabilities, and actively carrying out cross-border e-commerce business.

With the advantages of group development of enterprises in the park, various cross-border e-commerce development resources have been actively integrated.

For example, firstly, Dingmeng negotiated with various international express agents on adding service points, price discounts, value-added services and other aspects to strive for high-quality international logistics resources.

Secondly, Dingmeng negotiated with Ali Baba, E-bay and other cross-border e-commerce platforms on opening a green channel for checking enterprise accounts and simplifying the process of upgrading the store authority of enterprises in the park.

Thirdly, Dingmeng actively introduced Nanjing Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Cross-border Electronic Business School to establish a cross-border e-commerce training base, etc.

In addition, Dingmeng held many meetings and discussions with the leaders of municipal and district commercial bureau and Nanjing Import and Export Chamber of Commerce on how to better develop cross-border trade cooperation and implement “One Belt One Road” strategy.

Both leaders expressed the hope that as a director member unit of Nanjing import and export chamber of commerce, “Ding Meng” can play a good role as a link between the Chamber of Commerce and Jiangbei New District in the field of cross-border e-commerce, and can give full play to the regional pioneer role of enterprise of the Chamber of Commerce in the local region [7] .

They also hope the two sides in the future will carry out further exchanges and cooperations in more economic fields.

4. Experience Value

“Dingmeng Model” can be briefly summarized as follows:

Firstly, local government and social capital, jointly build mass entrepreneurship and innovation service carrier; Secondly, integrate the demands and resources between local government, social capital and enterprises; Thirdly, the government and enterprise input government service and supporting resources respectively, enterprise innovation-driven resources, to promote forming a healthy “ecommerce industry chain” and a healthy “entrepreneurial ecosystem”.

“Dingmeng Model” is a successful practice in which local governments actively guide social capital to enter, rely on “Internet+”, open up a new economy of ecommerce network, and take the lead in practicing the strategy of “Belt and Road Initiative” in the whole region.

The “Dingmeng Model” is a standard model for local governments to respond positively to the policy call of the central government to “serve the masses and stimulate innovation”, give full play to their role as the main force in the work of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation service”, constantly stimulate the entrepreneurial innovation vitality of the vast number of workers, and promote the regional economic and social reform and development.

“Dingmeng Model” has brought into play the effect of leverage. Through “carrier construction” and “resource integration”, the government and social capital have achieved doubled economic and social benefits with a smaller input. It is a successful practice of local government cooperating with social capital in the field of mass entrepreneurship and innovation service.

5. Conclusions

Based on the practice of mass entrepreneurship and innovation service work in Yanjiang Street, this paper summarizes the experiences of the “DingMeng Model”, and the work enlightenment is as follows:

Rome was not built in a day. Innovation and entrepreneurship need to have a solid backing foundation in order to go far. Therefore, based on the favorable policy background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation service, the government should actively introduce social capital, cooperate with enterprises. At the same time, in view of the service demand of entrepreneurial enterprises, the government should build a healthy “entrepreneurial ecosystem” from various angles, and help enterprises become stronger and bigger.

The deficiency of this paper is that, under the mass entrepreneurship and innovation service mode of government-enterprise cooperation, the problem of how to better help enterprises to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship has not yet been analyzed. Therefore, in order to improve the value of the study, the following work will be focused on these issues:

Firstly, we will carry out special research on the needs of start-up enterprises, help them to solve the problems and improve the success rate of the business.

Secondly, under the mass entrepreneurship and innovation service mode of government-enterprise cooperation, we will analyze the division of labor and performance evaluation between government and social capital in detail.

Thirdly, we will comb the construction elements of the entrepreneurial ecological environment of small and medium-sized micro-enterprises, create the virtuous circle of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the mass entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of sustainable development.

Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this paper.


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