What Is Detection? (Short Report)


“Detection”, literally, in English, is the extraction of particular information from a larger stream of information without specific cooperation from or synchronization with the sender. In Chinese, detection means inspection and measurement of the object or phenomenon, which couldn’t be directly observed, with apparatus, such as detecting space and the depth of the sea.


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Figure 1. The Scale of the Matter and the Detectors for Observing1 .

Figure 2. Hubble Space Telescope [3] [4] .

Figure 3. The Large Hadron Collider and detectors LHC [5] [6] .

nuclear radiation detectors and cell phones, which has come into everyone’s life.

In medical field, detection is shown everywhere without doubt. In traditional Chinese medicine, the four methods of diagnosis: observation, listening, interrogation and pulse-taking are the process of detection, during which, doctors diagnose the patients’ cause and status of the illness through intuition and qualitative judgments (macro methods), based on the former knowledge and experiences. As for the Western medicine, biological and chemical analysis of the body fluid and microorganism, combined with physical detection such as CT, X-ray, PET, is adopted to analyze the illness, based on data analysis (micro methods). The focus of the two medical methods is different but the aim is the same, to protect human’s health.

The discovery of new element, the compound of new material, and the realization of new invention, all need the development and improvement of detection technologies. The bottle neck of detection depends on the localization of the performance of detectors and the way to detect. Therefore, the development of science and the evolvement of detectors are highly interrelated and mutually reinforcing.

In various fields, including Food Testing, Infrared Detection, Laboratory Reconnaissance, Materials Test, Military Detection, Power Quality Detection, Security Detection, Water Detection, detectors are the tools for R&D work.

Sharp tools make good work.


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