Performance Enhancement for Adaptive Beam-Forming Application Based Hybrid PSOGSA Algorithm

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Recently researchers were interested in hybrid algorithms for optimization problems for several communication systems. In this paper, a novel algorithm based on hybrid PSOGSA technique (combination of Gravitational Search Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization) is presented to enhance the performance analysis of beam-forming for smart antennas systems using N elements for Uniform Circular Array (UCA) geometry. Complex excitations (phases) of the array radiation pattern are optimized using hybrid PSOGSA technique for a set of simultaneously incident signals. Our results have shown tremendous improvement over the previous work was done using Uniform Linear Array (ULA) geometry and standard GSA in terms of normalized array factor and computational speed for normalized fitness values.

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Magdy, A. , EL-Ghandour, O. and Hamed, H. (2015) Performance Enhancement for Adaptive Beam-Forming Application Based Hybrid PSOGSA Algorithm. Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications, 7, 126-133. doi: 10.4236/jemaa.2015.74014.

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