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Critical Parameters and Magnetocaloric Effect of the La5/8Ca3/8Mn0.9750Pd0.025O3 Compound

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The La5/8Ca3/8Mn0.9750Pd0.025O3 compound was studied using DC magnetization measurements. The data were analyzed in the paramagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition region by the Arrott plot method. The results show the Curie temperature TC ~ 247.8 K and the critical exponents of b = 0.48633, g = 1.18623 and d = 3.431682. The values of the critical exponents are between the mean- field theory and 3D Ising model. The magnetocaloric value is ~5 J/kgK, extracted from the M(H) curves.

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Bau, L. and An, N. (2014) Critical Parameters and Magnetocaloric Effect of the La5/8Ca3/8Mn0.9750Pd0.025O3 Compound. Materials Sciences and Applications, 5, 857-862. doi: 10.4236/msa.2014.512086.


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