Research Into the Improvement of College Students' Life-Long Learning Ability


The world has been always changing fast in such a wild pace that we will soon be left behind without continuous learning and developing which means it is absolutely necessary to be life-long learner for us in 21st century. The construction of life-long education system and society with learning atmosphere is a vital goal for the future development and reform on education in 20 years in China. The aim of this study is, while analyzing the necessity of the students' life-long learning (LLL) ability, to put forward some feasible and concrete measures which can improve the life-long learning ability of college students.

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Wang, X. and Hu, Q. (2012) Research Into the Improvement of College Students' Life-Long Learning Ability. Creative Education, 3, 69-72. doi: 10.4236/ce.2012.37B017.

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