Inspiration of TV Recruitment Program “Only You” for College Students


This paper takes the recruitment program “only you” as an example, through the comparison between the TV recruitment and the general recruitment process of enterprises, to help college students analyze the various ability requirements that should be possessed in the process of job-hunting, as well as the countermeasures and suggestions for ability cultivation. In order to achieve the purpose of helping college students to establish the correct values of job-hunting.

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Ou, T. (2020) Inspiration of TV Recruitment Program “Only You” for College Students. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 10, 468-475. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2020.102031.

1. Introduction

The TV program “only you” was launched on Tianjin satellite TV on October 30, 2010. It is a professional and entertaining program. In order to set up correct outlook on job hunting, values and participation of enterprises and audiences, 12 senior managers of enterprises are invited to form a boss group for on-the-spot recruitment in each program. Through “self introduction”, “born with talent” and “talking about money without hurting feelings”, it is a program with both workplace and entertainment four interviewers were selected and two domestic senior career consultants and psychological experts were selected to give them more authentic guidance on employment knowledge, psychological consultation and career advice (Long, 2012).

Although the cultivation of College Students’ ability of employment and employment is closely related to the learning situation of the whole learning stage of the university, in the process of employment, knowing some basic skills of employment and examination can greatly improve the level of College Students’ full display of their ability of employment and improve the probability of successful employment. On the one hand, it is a special concentrated display of the enterprise recruitment process, which has many similarities with the ordinary recruitment process of the enterprise, especially the expert comment link, which is very important for college students to improve the success rate of job application; however, on the other hand, TV recruitment is relative to the enterprise In terms of recruitment, there are also some obvious shortcomings.

2. The Similarities between TV Recruitment and Enterprise Recruitment

Both of them can provide employment platform and relieve employment pressure to some extent. In the current severe employment situation of college students in China, no matter TV program recruitment or enterprise recruitment, all provide graduates with an employment platform and exercise to show their own opportunities to obtain jobs, which is conducive to alleviate the current severe employment pressure to some extent.

Both recruitment services help enterprises select talents. Both TV recruitment and enterprise recruitment are based on the perspective of the boss or the interviewer to select talents for the benefit of the enterprise. Only the interviewers who are most suitable for the enterprise and the position are selected. Moreover, although the number of TV recruitment is not large, the candidates who can be displayed in this way are usually the few brave people who are full of self-confidence. Once the enterprise can successfully select such employees, it is often easier to select excellent employees.

Both of them can stimulate college students’ awareness of self-improvement. For college students, no matter in the face of excellent job seekers in TV programs or interviewers in enterprise recruitment, there will be a hint of learning from excellent people. In addition to expert comments, not only can college students learn more interview skills, but also promote their awareness of improving their own ability.

3. The Differences between TV Recruitment and Enterprise Recruitment

TV recruitment programs are too entertaining and concentrated, which leads to college students’ misunderstanding of the seriousness of job hunting. The main purpose of TV programs is not recruitment, but entertainment and commercially. In order to get high ratings and help enterprises to achieve advertising effect, the entertainment and commercialization of excessive distortion of programs are easy to make college students misunderstand the seriousness of job-hunting work, and then impact the importance of long-term cultivation of college students’ basic ability of job-hunting and application in university education lack of knowledge (Li, 2016). What’s more, we can’t treat the individual phenomena in the program, such as education and income, the mismatch between learning and employment competitiveness, as a general phenomenon. We should stick to our correct job-hunting values and not be misled by some negative aspects of the program (Li, 2012).

Too much consideration of enterprise factors in TV recruitment can easily lead to the deviation of college students’ job-hunting values. The main purpose of the representatives of some enterprises participating in the TV program is not to recruit, but to use the TV program to publicize their own enterprises. Many enterprises participating in the program pay more attention to the effect of the program than the ability of the candidates, which is easy to lead to too much rendering of the enterprise image when making the program. Especially in the link of “talking about money without hurting feelings”, the main purpose of its designers is to make full use of the psychology of fuzzy salary treatment of job seekers in order to achieve success rate, so that employers can often obtain the best talents with the minimum wage cost. In the first episode of the show, a returnee, who has studied in Australia for six years and has five licenses, is now a college English teacher. However, the boss group only gives her 4000 yuan as a marketing position, and has always emphasized that her company has recently opened up a new market. Using the program to publicize the enterprise, the positions and salaries provided are not only inconsistent with the job seeker, but also with the real employment market. The infiltration of these factors will inevitably occupy the positive guidance of College Students’ job-hunting values and their life values after their birth society to a certain extent.

TV recruitment link is missing and the process is not standardized. It is divided into “self introduction”, “born with talent”, “don’t lie to me”, “talking about money doesn’t hurt feelings” and other links. “Self introduction” displays the basic information of the candidate through VCR, including work content, background story, recommendation of family and friends’ leaders, etc; “born I am talented” displays the talent and specialty performance related to employment; “don’t lie to me” directly questions the candidate’s childhood, colleague relationship, workplace concept, financial issues, etc; “talking about money doesn’t hurt feelings”. In the process of application, the employer takes the attitude of fuzzy salary because it wants to increase the probability of success, so that the employer can get the best talents with the minimum wage cost. And enterprise recruitment will experience multiple interviews from “one” to “many”. Preliminary examination: HR verifies the basic information of the interviewers (such as educational background, work background, work content, etc.), judges whether the personal quality meets the requirements of the post, and eliminates the obviously inappropriate personnel or the written examination to investigate the interviewers. Retest: those who pass the initial test will enter the retest to investigate professional knowledge and skills as well as soft skills. Final test: qualified candidates enter the final test, which is generally interviewed by the deputy general manager or director in charge of the employing department, focusing on such factors as initiative, development potential and personality. It can be seen that the recruitment process of enterprises is complex and standardized (Zhang & Hao, 2014).

4. Inspiration for College Students’ Employment

4.1. College Students Should Lay a Solid Professional Foundation, Cultivate Their Expertise and Innovative Thinking to Form Their Own Core Competitiveness

The first thing for college students is to learn their own professional knowledge and skills. In the process of interview and job search, the skills can improve their ability to show the real level to a certain extent, but the solid professional skills are the basic. The professional courses taught by the University lay a solid foundation for college students to apply for jobs and work in the future. Master professional knowledge and skills, in order to better enrich themselves, and in the future work to solve the problems. At the same time, professional ability is also an important assessment standard for examiners to judge whether candidates can enter the enterprise during the interview process. Therefore, although in the condensed and simplified TV recruitment, due to the objective factors such as time or entertainment, some programs may not be fully evaluated by recruiters on the professional skills of candidates, but from the perspective of those successful candidates in the TV recruitment of “only you”, the reasons for success are often related to whether they can be fully displayed in the “self introduction” link There is a close relationship between them. In the recruitment of enterprises, the investigation of professional ability is the focus of the investigation of post ability. In addition to professional skills, college students should also explore other fields, cultivate their special competitiveness, and try their best to play their strengths and find their own characteristics. It is the ability that other competitors do not have to exert their strengths to the extreme, show their differences from the general level, find their own unique characteristics, and create their own brilliance and uniqueness. In this way, I can make a deep impression and make a difference to the examiners in the interview process, and make myself an important part of the enterprise, which is especially obvious in the TV interview. The link of “born with talents” in the column of “only you” is specially set for this purpose (Zhang & Li, 2015). And in enterprise recruitment, this also can often make recruiters look at you with great admiration, and then stand out. In addition, we should learn the idea of innovation and entrepreneurship, cultivate the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, and carry out the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship. We should not only pay attention to the study of theory, but also to practice. The practice of innovation and entrepreneurship not only shows the interviewer that their value is recognized and mined, but also shows that they can contribute to the development of the enterprise (Liu, 2019a). It is one of the criteria for college students to stand out in the competition when facing the severe employment situation and the pressure of interview competition (Liang, 2019).

4.2. College Students Should Improve Their Comprehensive Ability in an All-Round Way

Because of the special examination oriented education in our country, leading to the university stage, most college students lost the initiative and fun of learning, coupled with the trend of more and more detailed majors in the University, many college students do not pay attention to cultivate their comprehensive ability. “Analysis” and “synthesis” are twin philosophical categories. Therefore, any talent needs not only the professional foundation of “point”, but also the comprehensive ability of “face” (Li & Yang, 2013). Therefore, no matter in TV recruitment or in enterprise recruitment, the recruiter attaches great importance to the comprehensive ability of the candidate under the premise of the established professional of the candidate. The comprehensive abilities of college students include communication ability, problem-solving ability, adaptability and innovation ability, team cooperation ability, planning and organization ability and self-management ability. This requires college students to be good at listening to and understanding examiners’ questions, competitors’ answers and examiners’ comments in the interview process, have strong ability of written and oral expression, and be able to quickly grasp examiners’ intentions and key points in a short period of time; have the ability to judge, think and solve problems, and be able to put forward unique solutions; have sharp thinking, Rich imagination; be good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, be able to work with people and teams of different types, personalities and cultural backgrounds; be good at managing, arranging and making plans, have excellent organizational ability and the ability to mobilize the enthusiasm of others; have strong self-management ability, and be good at learning and practicing with various time and opportunities. This is very important for job seekers to fully realize their life value and social value after entering the enterprise. This point is particularly striking in the various reply links of the column “only you”. In the enterprise recruitment, the recruiter’s investigation on this aspect of college students must also penetrate into every link of the initial test, the second test and the final test.

4.3. College Students Should Be Honest and Trustworthy, Especially Put Morality First

Fill in the resume truthfully, and be honest and trustworthy during the interview.

No matter in the process of TV recruitment or enterprise recruitment, examiners pay great attention to the honest quality of interviewers, so college students must be honest and trustworthy when interviewing and answering questions and filling in resumes. In the process of writing resume for enterprise recruitment, we should fully show our true side, not exaggerate or make up, and the content should be consistent with our actual ability and level, especially our internship and practice experience. Before the enterprise decides to hire personnel, it will carry out professional background investigation and confirm the content in the resume, so it is not honest to apply for a job, and it will certainly not pass. So college students should pay attention to practice at ordinary times, actively participate in various activities and competitions in school, practice or part-time in their own holidays, increase their work experience, and provide materials for their resumes. In the interview process, in the face of the examiner’s academic problems, when encountering difficulties, be frank in the face of not pretending to understand, far fetched, not taboo their own weaknesses. When facing the problems of honor, we should be honest and modest, not exaggerate, not to be greedy for vanity, and have good quality of honesty is also our advantage (Zhang, 2004). For this reason, the column of “only you” specially set up a link of “don’t lie to me”, and the link of “self introduction” is also permeated with the element of honesty, so its importance can be seen.

Morality, wisdom, body, beauty and labor, virtue is the most important enterprises attach the most importance to the moral quality of the candidates. Those with good professional ethics and professional integrity can play their greatest role and value in the enterprise. Among those with good intellectual factors, good physical quality, high aesthetic concept and strong labor skills, enterprises attach the most importance to professional ethics, especially dedication, sense of responsibility, professionalism and sense of teamwork. Good professional ethics is not only related to personal development, but also has great benefits for the whole enterprise. It can add positive energy for the enterprise, create a better cultural atmosphere, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and help the enterprise to establish a good image and scientific and technological capabilities. Therefore, in the two kinds of recruitment, although there is no special link, the tentacles of the investigation almost permeate all links and levels.

4.4. Set up Correct Values of Employment

College students should take a rational view of the current employment situation, although it is more severe, but in the face of the opportunities brought by economic growth, they should seize the opportunity, and at the same time, they should choose the most suitable way for themselves. Therefore, college students should adjust their mentality, have correct values of employment and grasp the opportunity of employment (Liu, 2019b). From the comparison of the two kinds of recruitment, we can see that college students should have a clear understanding of themselves, need to carry out career planning before seeking employment, and set up correct values of career selection and employment, which can not only help college students to find their own position in career selection and employment, and choose the most suitable position, but also help them to shine in the work and realize themselves The value of life (Guo, 2017). When college students enter the society for the first time, they are full of expectations for their future jobs. Therefore, they can’t help but look down on the shelf and suffer. They blindly pursue their immediate interests, working environment, salary and treatment, company status, etc., but the objective situation is that they can’t be fat at a stuttering. College graduates should work from the grass-roots level, be down-to-earth, and take a long-term view, set up the idea of “first employment, then employment, and then entrepreneurship”. Recognize the advantages of grass-roots posts, more opportunities for practice, and large space for improvement. First, start from the grass-roots level, accumulate work experience, improve your own level and personal comprehensive quality, hone your will, form good working habits and hard-working spirit, step by step, and gradually reach your desired position (Fang, 2019).

4.5. College Students Should Actively Learn the Interview Process and Practice Interview Skills

TV recruitment programs lack many links, process is not standardized, and most of them are entertaining. However, college students do not have professional interview training, are not familiar with the interview process, and do not master effective interview skills, which makes the re interview process fail to show the true ability level and miss the opportunity. Compared with the personal quality and professional knowledge that need to be cultivated for a long time, being familiar with the interview process and mastering the interview skills can effectively improve the interview results in a short period of time, so that you can better express yourself and get better interview results in the interview process. In addition, the preparation for the interview process is also the process of combing their own knowledge and finding out and filling the gaps, which makes the interview more flexible, gives the interviewer a good impression and improves the final shortlist hope. After receiving the interview notice of the company, you should first understand the basic information of the company and the specific requirements of the position to be applied for; prepare your resume and detailed information; dress neatly and appropriately; cultivate your ability to play the role of improvisation on the spot. Only when college students are fully prepared for the interview, master the interview process and skills, maintain a positive attitude, and focus on the company’s strengths, can they finally succeed.

5. Conclusion

Although TV recruitment programs can provide a lot of positive effects for college students’ employment, we should also recognize the shortcomings of these programs, not because of TV programs to change the understanding of the traditional concept of job-hunting, and not because of TV programs to give up their own efforts.

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