Current Situation and Measures of University Students’ Financial Aid System


It is important for the state to build the financial aid system in order to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the countrythrough science and education, which is significant for the deepening reform of education and the improvement of education quality in universities. In this paper, current situation and corresponding measures are discussed so as to innovate the university student financial aid system in China.

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Li, F. (2019) Current Situation and Measures of University Students’ Financial Aid System. Open Access Library Journal, 6, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1105272.

1. Introduction

With the development of high education of Chinese socialist characteristics, China’s financial aid system in all universities is playing an important role in the strategy of strengthening the countrythrough human resources and rejuvenating the country through science and education, which mainly includes scholarship, student subsidies and financial difficulties allowance [1] . To ensure that more college students can receive education, China’s governmenthas always attached great importance to it [2] [3] . In recent years, the state-related funding systems have never been interrupted, which has played a significant role in helping poor students to go to school. However, the existing short comings nowadays have led to produce many adverse effects of the financial aid system. Thus, under the background of the new era development, how to construct the education financial aid system has become the urgent matter of the moment for the universities in our country [4] . In this paper, current situation and corresponding measures of financial aid system are discussed deeply.

2. Discussion

2.1. Existing Typical Problems of Present Financial Aid System

Nowadays, There are some deficiencies in present financial aid systemal though this system has been applied for decades.

1) Dislocation of scholarship function and distortion of evaluation rules

The reason why the state sets up financial aid system for outstanding students in colleges and universities is not only to encourage college students to study hard in school to help them to achieve moral, intellectual, physicaland aesthetic development, but alsoto help the family economic difficulties college students complete their studies smoothly, motivate thseir learning, hard work and enterprising at the same time [5] . However, the author found in the investigation that there are general shortcomings in many colleges and universities at present, because of unclear guiding ideology, unscientific and reasonable selection index and evaluation method, etc. In the current scholarship evaluation, it is basically based on the students’ examination scores, which makes the scholarship evaluation become the selection of examination scores to a large extent. The “exam-oriented” learning attitude of students is aggravated. There’s a larger proportion of students who don’t take classes, they cut classes, they make copies of other people’s notes, and they pop up, and they get a high scholarship. Thus this caused the dislocation of the guidance function, it failed to guide students to develop the guidance function.

2) Insufficient rule for payment of financial aid system

The financial aid system reflects the government’s concern for colleges and universities students whose family income is low. But, according to the author’s survey, there are some unscientific and unreasonable situations in the process of granting financial aid. The basis for the issuance of the hardship subsidy in China is the family income of the students. However, since it is difficult for colleges and universities to have a detailed understanding of the family economic status of the students, they basically apply for thefinancial aid by themselves. Each colleges and universities interior undertakes evaluation, and judges basically by the family economy income proof that the branch above town’s or street’s civil administration providesrelevant material forthe students. Since most of the college students come from all over the country, and the certification standards vary from place to place, it is difficult for the school to verify all the applications of poor students, so it is easy to produce the problem of information distortion.

3) Lack of full-time staff, lack of funding team building

Due to the imbalanced development of colleges and universities, the supporting staff of each college are mainly composed of leaders and counselors, it results in lack of full-time staff. The department of colleges treats the funding work as a phase work, whenfunding team receives the notice from the superior, the team start the work. After the end of the evaluation, the funding team will be ignored. The flow of university personnel is relatively large, financing personnel often change, this makes funding even more difficult.

Considering these mentioned problems above, I put forward three main measuresto improve the funding work combined with years of work experience.

2.2. Increase Efforts to Publicize University Student Financial Aid

First of all, colleges and universities should add the content of university funding into the ideological and political education, so that students can correctly realize their obligations and rights. And strengthen the sense of responsibility of students themselves, establish good consumption habits and life attitude, fully realize that funding is not only an honor, but also a kind of responsibility and responsibility [6] . Secondly, universities should constantly improve about funding work propaganda guidance, via the post evaluation, set up a column of the public finance content and distribute aid content introduction brochure for powerful propaganda, but also in this way to reduce the chance of a black-box, increase funding for fairness and impartiality of the evaluation work [7] . Thirdly, colleges and universities should set up a special aid consultation room, where special staff can answer students’ questions about the aid work, so that students can have a correct understanding of the aid work.

2.3. Effective Supervision and Evaluation Mechanism Construction of Students Financial Aid Sysytem

While the university is paying attention to supervising and evaluating the funding process, it also needs to focus on supervising and evaluating the effects of the funding, and by the result of supervision and evaluation, to make a reasonable adjustment to the funding behavior, and then to promote the conduct and conduct of autonomous behavior. Firstly, the university should effectively supervise the case of the student to use the supporting amount, stipulate the list of the students to turn to the school at regular intervals, and the coach should also master the life status of the students after they have got the financing, and remind the students to use the supporting fund reasonably. Secondly, colleges and universities can add a third party evaluation institution, which can promote and supervise the implementation of the whole funding process while regularly evaluating the macro situation of the funding work, thus reducing the seriousness of the funding evaluation process and improving the funding identification of college students.

3. Conclusion

It is conclude that that policy system in which college students are supported by the university students can help students to complete their studies smoothly, but there are still some problem that can lead to unfair and unfair phenomena in the actual financing of universities and universities. Therefore, colleges and universities should improve the funding policy system, constantly increase the attention and publicity of local government in this regard, and give certain strict standards to the identification of poor students. The policy system of university student financial aid should be carried out smoothly by high quality guidance personnel so as to improve the impartiality and fairness of education. However, there are still some unreasonable and unscientific problems in the funding of college students in China, which need to be constantly studied and analyzed in the future to improve and solve.

Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this paper.


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