Study on Co-Effect of K2SO4 Deposition and Low Concentration SO2 on Performances of V2O5/AC Catalysts for Low Temperature SCR


Simulated compounds were prepared by loading K2SO4 onto V2O5/AC catalysts. Study the effect of K2SO4 on V1/AC catalysts in the presence of low concentration SO2. Transient response techniques, TPD was carried out. The results indicated that the DeNO activity of V1/AC catalysts was decreased seriously in the early period of operation, but the deactivation was gradually diminished with SO2 adsorption and then, it was completely eliminated. For the sulphated catalysts (saturated catalysts by sulphate), their SCR activity were free from existence of gaseous SO2. the loss of activity about 10% caused by K2SO4 was found on them. The deactivation of K2SO4 deposited catalysts was due to the decrease of adsorbed and activated NH3, or some acid sites.

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X. Zhang, B. Shi, X. Wu, Z. Huang, Z. Liu, B. Yang and C. Zhang, "Study on Co-Effect of K2SO4 Deposition and Low Concentration SO2 on Performances of V2O5/AC Catalysts for Low Temperature SCR," Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science, Vol. 1 No. 4, 2011, pp. 176-182. doi: 10.4236/aces.2011.14026.

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