A Review on Mobile and Sensor Networks Innovations in Intelligent Transportation Systems


Rapid developments of mobile technologies, data acquisition and big data analytics, and their integration with critical application domains such as transportation systems have the potential to produce more efficient, real-time, intelligent and safe transportation infrastructure. To increase the quality of transportation services, wireless sensor networks, mobile phones, crowd sourcing, RFID and Bluetooth technologies are being used. We surveyed innovations that were transformed from ideas in research labs into commercial systems in practical use. In this paper, we present some innovative mobile technologies, services and platforms that are being used in modern transportation applications including traffic data acquisition, traffic management and control, route optimizations, infrastructure redesign, road safety and enhancing user experience.

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Felemban, E. and Sheikh, A. (2014) A Review on Mobile and Sensor Networks Innovations in Intelligent Transportation Systems. Journal of Transportation Technologies, 4, 196-204. doi: 10.4236/jtts.2014.43020.

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