Tests Management in CALIPSOneo: A MDE Solution


Testing in Software Engineering is one of the most important phases although, unfortunately, it cannot be always successfully fulfilled due to time constraints. In most cases, the development phase takes more time than it was estimated, entailing negative effects on the testing phase. The delay increases even more in Research and Development (R + D) projects, where the real time to execute tasks is more difficult to control. Model Driven Engineering (MDE) offers a solution to avoid testing costs without affecting the execution quality of the applied test. This paper presents a practical overview of a Model Driven Testing (MDT)-based methodology and its impact on CALIPSOneo project, which was carried out in liaison with Airbus Defense and Space and, particularly, with the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) department.

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Salido, A. , Garcia, J. , Ponce, J. and Gutierrez, J. (2014) Tests Management in CALIPSOneo: A MDE Solution. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 7, 506-512. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2014.76047.

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