Syzygy Effects Studies Performed Simultaneously with Foucault Pendulums and Torsinds during the Solar Eclipses of 13 November 2012 and 10 May 2013


Several simultaneous observations are presented of Syzygy effects during two solar eclipses, performed with torsinds and Foucault pendulums. The experiments/measurements were of a simple nature, conducted in several of places in Romania and Ukraine. It is shown that during Syzygy effects both the torsind and the Foucault pendulum exhibit specific reactions: the torsind’s disk is rotated, whereas the direction of the swing plane, the period, the eccentricity and the chirality of the ellipse of oscillation of the Foucault pendulum are all altered. We term all these perturbations “Syzygy effects” and found that they take place even when the devices are in locations where the eclipse is not visible and even when they are underground. An unusual time shifts between the responses of the devices and the maximum phase of the eclipse is detected. The importance of simultaneous simple observations of astronomical phenomena using these two devices of fundamentally different types is emphasized.

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Olenici, D. , Pugach, A. , Cosovanu, I. , Lesanu, C. , Deloly, J. , Vorobyov, D. , Delets, A. and Olenici-Craciunescu, S. (2014) Syzygy Effects Studies Performed Simultaneously with Foucault Pendulums and Torsinds during the Solar Eclipses of 13 November 2012 and 10 May 2013. International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 4, 39-53. doi: 10.4236/ijaa.2014.41006.

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