Effect of Rotation, Magnetic Field and Initial Stresses on Propagation of Plane Waves in Transversely Isotropic Dissipative Half Space


The problem regarding the reflection of plane waves in a transversely isotropic dissipative medium is considered, in which we are studying about the reflection of incidence waves in initially stressed dissipative half space. After solving the governing equations, we find the two complex quasi-P (qP) and quasi-SV (qSV) waves. The occurrence of reflected waves is studied to calculate the reflection coefficient and the energy partition of incidence wave at the plane boundary of the dissipative medium. Numerical example is considered for the reflection coefficient and the partition of incident energy, in which we study about the effect of rotation, initial stresses and magnetic field.

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S. Shekhar and I. Parvez, "Effect of Rotation, Magnetic Field and Initial Stresses on Propagation of Plane Waves in Transversely Isotropic Dissipative Half Space," Applied Mathematics, Vol. 4 No. 8A, 2013, pp. 107-113. doi: 10.4236/am.2013.48A015.

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