Application of Photon-Counting X-ray Computed Tomography to Aluminum-Casting Inspection


One of the issues in the aluminum-alloy die casting industry is the space occurring inside the casting, and the improvement of the verification technology is expected. The purpose of this research is to seal holes inside the aluminum metal by resin and verify them by photon-counting X-ray computed tomography (CT) using an energy-discrimination 64-channel cadmium-telluride (CdTe) line detector. Moreover, it is important to estimate the image of the effective atomic number and the electronic density by the energy mapping of the attenuation coefficient utilizing photon-counting X-ray CTto distinguish both the aluminum metal and the resin filler in the aluminum hole. As a result, the energy discrimination of the resin filler in the space of aluminum casting has been attained. We could observe the atomic number image utilizing dual-energyX-ray CTmethod with the 64-channel CdTe photon-counting detector.

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K. Kan, Y. Imura, H. Morii, K. Kobayashi, T. Minemura and T. Aoki, "Application of Photon-Counting X-ray Computed Tomography to Aluminum-Casting Inspection," World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2013, pp. 106-108. doi: 10.4236/wjnst.2013.33018.

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