Synthesis, characterization, spectroscopic and crystallographic investigation of metal complexes of N-benzyl-N-nitrosohydroxylamine


New metal complexes of N-benzyl-N-nitrosohy-droxylamine (BNHA) are isolated and characterized by elemental analysis, IR and UV-VIS spectroscopy. Spectrophotometric titration of aqueous solutions of BNHА by salts of some transition metals allowed to calculate the composition and formation constants of the metal complexes. The crystal structure of Cu (BNHА)2 is studied by X-ray diffraction. The Cu atom is coordinated by four O atoms of two bidentate ligands, which close 5-membered chelate rings. The N-O (1.306 ? - 1.320 ?) and N-N (1.274 ? and 1.275? ) bond lengths indicate that π electrons are delocalized over the chelating groups. Complexes form stacks with intermolecular Cu…N contacts equal to 3.118 ? and 3.306 ?.

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Kovalchukova, O. , Bostanabad, A. , Sergienko, V. , Polyakova, I. , Zyuzin, I. and Strashnova, S. (2013) Synthesis, characterization, spectroscopic and crystallographic investigation of metal complexes of N-benzyl-N-nitrosohydroxylamine. Open Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 3, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/ojic.2013.31001.

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