Influence of dietary Probiotic (Biomin IMBO) on performance of laying hen


240 laying birds were procured and distributed randomly into four treatments and four replicate (15 birds each) which was fed one of the following experimental diets containing different levels of probiotics (Biomin IMBO) for seven weeks. 1-Basel diet (control groups), 2-Basel diet + 250 g/t, 3-Basel diet +500 g/t, 4-Basel diet +750 g/t feed respectively. As results was revealed, feed efficiency were improved significantly throughout the production periods (p < 0.01). Supplementations of diet with probiotics at 750 g/t feed improved feed efficiency during experimental periods significantly as compared to control groups (p < 0.01). Feed intake was kept constant at the levels of110g/day/hen throughout the experimental period. Egg production and Egg mass weight (g/hen/day) was shown an increasing trend during 2nd phase production by increasing the dietary levels of probiotics (p < 0.01). Nevertheless, egg production at 10th week remained non significant. Egg quality and quantity as well as blood cholesterol were not influenced by dietary supplementations of probiotics.

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Mohammadian, A. , Mehdizadeh, S. , Lotfollahian, H. , Mirzaei, F. and Noroozian, H. (2013) Influence of dietary Probiotic (Biomin IMBO) on performance of laying hen. Agricultural Sciences, 4, 23-26. doi: 10.4236/as.2013.41004.

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