Major Hepatic Resection in Hepatic Hydatidosis


Background: Ecchinococcal disease is still a serious problem in certain parts of the world, with liver as the most affected organ. Surgery remains the mainstay of treatment of hydatidosis, but the optimal surgical procedure remains unsettled. Objective: Safety and efficacy of major hepatic resection in multiple and giant hepatic hydatidosis. Patients & Methods: 63 patients had hepatic hydatidosis associated with spleen, lung, and suprarenal hydatidosis were managed by major hepatic resection between April 2005 to April 2011. 43 (68%) males and 20 (32%) females, age range 8 - 56 years. Cysts were found in the liver only in 51 (81%) patients, liver with spleen in 5 (8%), liver, spleen with lung in 2 (3.1%), liver and lung in 4 (6.3%), liver and suprarenal in one patient (1.6%). Results: Multiple cysts were found in 38 (60%) and solitary cyst in 25 (40%) with Cysts diameter ≤5 cmin 22 (35%), 5 - 10 cm in 16 (25%), and 10 - 38 in 25 (40%). Right hepatectomy in 24 (38%), right trisectionectomy in 2 (3.2%), right hepatectomy with Segment III in 4 (6.3%), right hepatectomy with Segment I in 2 (3.2%), left hepatectomy in 12 (19%), left lateral sectionectomy in 6 (9.5%), left hepatectomy with Segment VI in 3 (4.8%), left lateral sectionectomy with right posterior sectionectomy in 2 (3.2%), right hepatectomy with splenectomy in 7 (11%) and right hepatectomy with right suprarenal in one (1.6%) patient were performed. Hospital stay was 4.2 (3 - 13 days) There was one mortality and 12 (19%) morbidities. No recurrence on follow up period (8 - 60 months) was observed. Conclusion: Radical procedure is safe and effective option for hepatic hydatidosis and should be performed when the entire lobe is diffusely involved by huge or multiple hydatidosis with little healthy liver tissue.

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Salama, I. , Aboushady, M. , Abdelsalam, O. , Saleh, S. , Shoreem, H. , Houseni, M. and Amir, E. (2013) Major Hepatic Resection in Hepatic Hydatidosis. Surgical Science, 4, 20-28. doi: 10.4236/ss.2013.41004.

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