Reaction of water and living systems under the chronic effect of ionized radiation in low doses


It is represented the review about the effect of low doses of ionized radiation on different types of biological objects (Japanese quail embryos, Aspergillus niger, Spirostomum ambiguum Ehrbg., mezenchim stem cells of mice bone brain, dry seeds of the highest plants, blood lymphocytes of pilots and cosmonauts) and water medium. In model experiments under the chronic ionized radiation in doses comparable with the doses of ionized radiation inside the orbital space stations and during the flight in interplanetary space was shown alike with morphological deviations (Japanese quail embryos, Aspergillus niger), the phenomenon of radiation hormezis (Aspergillus niger, mezenchim stem cells), the increasing of the germination of seeds, the decreasing of spontaneous motion activity of spirostoms and DNA damage, chromosome aberrations and the increased radio-sensitivity to adding radiation load in blood lymphocytes. These data testified the fact that the definite factor of ionized radiation effect is the changing of water medium state. Thus under the interplanetary cosmic flight and long stay on the orbit in the region of magnetosphere the studying kinds of radiation first effected on the water medium of organism as a result morpho-functional structures were changed.

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Ushakov, I. , Tsetlin, V. and Moisa, S. (2012) Reaction of water and living systems under the chronic effect of ionized radiation in low doses. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 5, 771-778. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2012.512A097.

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