International Technology Spillover, Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in China


Based on autoregressive distributed lag model, we empirically study the interrelationship between international technology spillover, energy consumption and CO2 emissions by using time series data covering the period 1960-2008. The results show that international technology spillover, technology transformation and domestic R&D input cut down CO2 emissions. R&D input has both direct and indirect effect on the reduction in CO2 emissions. On the one hand, R&D input promotes domestic innovation and accelerates transformation, absorption and utilization of the technology from forerunners. On the other hand, R&D input reduces CO2 emissions by rising energy efficiency. Energy consumption increases CO2 emissions.

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R. Lei, Y. Zhang and S. Wei, "International Technology Spillover, Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in China," Low Carbon Economy, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2012, pp. 49-53. doi: 10.4236/lce.2012.33007.

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