Osteoma of mastoid process obstructing external auditory canal: A case report


Objective: To discuss the surgical treatment of recurrent osteoma of the mastoid process of the temporal bone, that obstructed external auditory canal causing unilateral conductive hearing loss. Setting: The study was carried out in ENT Clinic, University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo. Design: Retrospective review of a clinical case. Patient, Intervention and Result: We treated surgically with success a 14-year-old boy with osteoma of mastoid process, obstructing the external auditory canal of the left ear and causing conductive hearing loss. Axial and coronal computed tomography scans revealed an compact bone lesion that obstructed the canal. Complete removal of the lesion was achieved by a retroauricular approach. Conclusion: In order to achieve complete removal of the osteoma, drilling of the lesion must be performed not through the tumor, but around the osteoma, in the surrounding bone tissue.

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Mustafa, A. (2012) Osteoma of mastoid process obstructing external auditory canal: A case report. Health, 4, 222-224. doi: 10.4236/health.2012.44034.

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