In Mourning and Memory of Late Professor Kuo-Chen Chou (4)





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Lin, S. (2021) In Mourning and Memory of Late Professor Kuo-Chen Chou (4). Health, 13, 4-4. doi: 10.4236/health.2021.137A004.

It is a surprising news that Prof. Chou has left us. He has been a scientist who worked whole his life for science, for digging deep in the basic science, while pushing the theory into application.

Since decades, he has been a pioneer in combining the theoretical studies with experimental biology, publishing a large number of scientific papers yielding high citations. His scientific idea has played a significant role in physico-biochemistry and helped young scientists in their career.

Application of theoretical biology in experimental biology to understand the profonde mechanism of life science, had been a dream in the last century. Prof. Chou and colleagues were among the first scientists who used sophisticated physical chemistry to predict and improve enzyme mechanisms. Professor Chou used graphic rules to study the complicated enzyme systems. He and his colleagues had used bioinformatics to well establish studies of protein structures and protein attributes, facilitating the development of experimental biology. He introduced novel physical and mathematical concepts into life sciences, contributing to the combination of theoretical and applicable biology.

Professor Chou has now left us, but what he has contributed in theoretical biology and application remains with us, which will be further developed.

Prof. Sheng-Xiang Lin

Associate Editor of journal Natural Science

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