Recognition of the Position of Resistance Literature in Kaiser Aminpoor Poems


In Persian mystical literature which is based on Quran teachings, real mysticism is actually enlivening, reviving and epic idealism. In searching among epic poems and Persian mystical literature, we encounter with numerous intellectual and conceptual commonalities which demonstrate the similar attitudes and interests, existent among Iranian epic poets and Gnostic-heresy speakers, while seeking facts and recognizing the heavenly life of a perfect man. This shows the fact that Iranian nation is to achieve human values and intellectual maturity and has fulfilled precious successes. Though some of these commonalities have changed or evolved during the civilization history of Iran or emerged in a new face, it should be mentioned that real mysticism is the source of epic and each unfeigned and sophisticated epic derives from the mysticism stream and human’s truth-seeking spirit. In this article, it is tried to recognize the epic and mystical themes of Kaiser Aminpoor works by analyzing them.

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Masjedi, M. , Ghasemi, F. , Ghalesari, A. and Kordkhaili, A. (2015) Recognition of the Position of Resistance Literature in Kaiser Aminpoor Poems. Open Access Library Journal, 2, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1101637.

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