UV Spectrophotometric Assay Method for the Determination of Fluconazole Capsules

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A very simple, accurate, rapid and economical UV spectrophotometric method was developed for the estimation of fluconazole. The UV method permits a simple, rapid and economical quantitation of fluconazole in capsule dosage form only. The maximum absorbance of fluconazole was found to be 210 nm. Fluconazole, which is available in Karachi in different brands within the pharmacies, was collected and used for this assay method. The results showed that the assay results of the two brands were in range. This study would turn out to be very beneficial and with this simple and accurate method, one can easily determine fluconazole.

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Naveed, S. and Nafees, M. (2015) UV Spectrophotometric Assay Method for the Determination of Fluconazole Capsules. Open Access Library Journal, 2, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1101468.

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