On the Core Competence of Chinese Manufacturing Industry under the New Formats of “Internet Plus”—A Case Study on Furniture Industry


Through factor analyses, the paper makes a performance evaluation on the listed companies in furniture industry, finds out the representative companies and then analyzes their business strategies and ways to improve their core competence, which can offer references for the construction of the core competence of manufacturing industry in the context of the “Internet Plus”. The analyses reveal that the core competence of enterprises can be improved by innovating network promotion, making use of e-commerce and creating the flexible production line etc.

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Zhang, R. and Liu, J. (2015) On the Core Competence of Chinese Manufacturing Industry under the New Formats of “Internet Plus”—A Case Study on Furniture Industry. Journal of Service Science and Management, 8, 886-893. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2015.86089.

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