Three Uncommon Seaweeds of the Pacific Coast of Mexico


This report describes a new record and two unusual and rare species of marine algae collected from Oaxaca, Michoacán, Jalisco and Baja California Sur at Mexican Pacific coast. Boodleopsis verticillata is the first record in the Pacific shore of Mexico, in the case of Melobesia polystromatica, this is the sixth record at tropical Pacific while Litholepis sonorensisis reported for the third time in the Gulf of California. These results suggest that the taxonomic inventory of seaweed in the Pacific coast of Mexico is not yet complete, so attention must be given to the epiphytes, and other small and delicate species that inhabit the coast of Mexico. Morphological descriptions, distributional range, reproductive stage and samples examined are included.

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Mendoza-González, A. , Mateo-Cid, L. and García-López, D. (2015) Three Uncommon Seaweeds of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 6, 3187-3192. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2015.619310.

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