Single CDBA Based Voltage Mode Bistable Multivibrator and Its Applications


In this paper, current differencing buffered amplifier (CDBA) based bistable multivibrators are introduced. Each presented circuit is constructed using single CDBA as the basic active building block and three resistors. Two applications namely an astable and a monostable multivibrator are also realized to demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed bistable multivibrators. The presented circuits are simulated using PSPICE from Cadence Orcad16.2 to verify their functionality. Simulation results agree well with the theoretical analysis.

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Pal, R. , Pandey, R. , Pandey, N. and Tiwari, R. (2015) Single CDBA Based Voltage Mode Bistable Multivibrator and Its Applications. Circuits and Systems, 6, 237-251. doi: 10.4236/cs.2015.611024.

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