A Secure and Energy-Balanced Routing Scheme for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network


Mobile wireless sensor network (MWSN) has the features of self-organization, multiple-hop and limited energy resources. It is vulnerable to a wide set of security attacks, including those targeting the routing protocol functionality. In this paper, the existing security problems and solutions in MWSN are summarized, and then a trust management system based on neighbor monitoring is proposed. In the trust management system, the trust value is calculated by the neighbor monitoring mechanism, and the direct trust value and the indirect trust value are combined to establish the distributed trust model to detect the malicious nodes. The consistency check algorithm is capable of defending against the attacks on the trust model. In addition, because of the limited energy of the sensor nodes, the energy-balanced algorithm is introduced to prolong the lifespan of MWSN. The residual energy and energy density are considered in the routing decision. Finally, the simulation experiments show that the proposed algorithm can detect the malicious nodes effectively and achieve the energy-balanced goal to prolong the lifespan of MWSN.

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Liu, B. and Wu, Y. (2015) A Secure and Energy-Balanced Routing Scheme for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network. Wireless Sensor Network, 7, 137-148. doi: 10.4236/wsn.2015.711012.

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