Parameters Optimization for Piezoelectric Harvesting Energy from Pavement Based on Taguchi’s Orthogonal Experiment Design


To effectively harvest vibration energy from pavement without affecting driving comfort and safety, parameter optimization was done with the orthogonal experiment design and the finite element analysis. L16(44) Taguchi’s orthogonal experiments were carried out with planted depth, PZT material, PZT diameter and thickness as optimization parameters and with open voltage and pavement displacement as optimization objectives. The experiment results were obtained via the finite element method. By using range analysis method, the dominance degree of the influencing factors and the optimum condition was obtained for the two objectives, respectively. Further, the multi-objective optimization was performed based on a weight grade method. The combined optimum conditions in order of their dominance degree are PZT diameter 35 mm, PZT thickness 6 mm, planted depth 50 mm and material PZT4. The validity of optimization scheme was confirmed.

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Sun, C. , Wang, H. , Shang, G. and Du, J. (2015) Parameters Optimization for Piezoelectric Harvesting Energy from Pavement Based on Taguchi’s Orthogonal Experiment Design. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 3, 149-157. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2015.34016.

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