Technology Roadmap of IGCC Industry in China


With the increasing energy demand and environmental pressures caused by consumption of fossil fuels, the world casts their eyes on new energy, hoping to transform the existing energy structure through technological innovation to new energy field, to promote the optimization and upgrading of the world’s energy structure. The new energy in key areas of Chinese high-tech industries includes mainly nuclear power, wind power, solar power, IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle), new energy vehicles and smart grids. The present paper will carry on an in-depth study on IGCC industry technology roadmap in China. Technology roadmap is a kind of technology management tool, expressing the structure and time dimension of technical elements’ evolution with icons. It spans a wide range of applications from a single company to industry, and national and international coalition, from detailed product technology to component technology, as well as the integration of several relevant industry technologies. The roadmap is a kind of multi-layered time-dependent icon. IGCC industry has excellent environmental characteristics and benefits, which are in accordance with the principle of coordinated development between energy and environment. Based on the analysis of current situation, market demand, industry objectives and technical barriers of IGCC technology, we highlight IGCC industrial development model with Chinese characteristics, and concisely propose the major research needs and technology projects of key technology areas in IGCC industry. We highlight IGCC industrial development model with Chinese characteristics, and concisely propose the major research needs and technology projects of key technology areas in IGCC industry. Furthermore, some relevant suggestions on IGCC technology management and industry development are put forward to promote the remarkable progress in the development of IGCC industry in China and build an efficient, economical and clean sustainable energy supply system in line with the requirements of low-carbon economy.

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Guo, Y. , Huang, Z. and Zhou, Z. (2015) Technology Roadmap of IGCC Industry in China. Energy and Power Engineering, 7, 535-545. doi: 10.4236/epe.2015.711050.

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