Research on the Formation Mechanism and Elements of the Financial Industrial Cluster


Based on Patrick’s Demand-Following and Supply-Leading financial system theory, the paper summarizes and compares the two kinds of formation mechanism of the financial industrial cluster in detail: the market-led model and the government-led model. And further, it summarizes six basic elements of the financial industry cluster needs to have, so as to point out the direction of China’s major urban construction and development of the financial industry cluster, especially cities must take full advantage of government’s support for the financial industry development and make the supply-Leading under the government-led model as the main formation mechanism.

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Yu, L. , Liu, H. and Qiu, J. (2015) Research on the Formation Mechanism and Elements of the Financial Industrial Cluster. Journal of Service Science and Management, 8, 773-780. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2015.85078.

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