Analysis of Nokia’s Decline from Marketing Perspective


Nokia was a synonym for the mobile phone industry for a long time; however, when it came into the era of smart phones, the former leader was under an awkward situation. Nokia sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft on September 3, 2013. A company following Kodak with the legendary color failed in the impact of the new technology revolution. This was a typical case of the subversion of an industry; therefore, the author believed that it was necessary to analyze the process. This paper studied Nokia’s decline mainly from the three parts. First of all, looking back Nokia’s development process from the glory to the decline, it can be divided into three stages: the transition period, the peak period and the decline period, followed by analyzing the reasons of its decline from three parts: Nokia executives’ grasp for the market, the company’s business strategy and business cooperation, and finally analyzing its inspiration for modern enterprises from the marketing perspective.

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Jia, J. and Yin, Y. (2015) Analysis of Nokia’s Decline from Marketing Perspective. Open Journal of Business and Management, 3, 446-452. doi: 10.4236/ojbm.2015.34045.

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