Advances in Industrialized Rice Production Research


To widen the new way of thinking and to explore a new technology of rice planting, industrialized rice production is an advanced rice planting method. All processes of rice growth were finished in factory and they provided proper growth conditions (including light, CO2 concentration, temperature, moisture and minerals) on the base of different growth stages. This paper illustrated the theory of rice growth in factory, the processes of rice cultivation and fundamental structure of rice factory. It combined natural conditions with artificial environment to create an ideal rice growing environment. Rice cultivation’s cycle in factory was shortened and normally one day was divided into 2 - 3 special days. It could be continuous production and prevented rice planting from being affected by external conditions. Industrialized rice makes full use of energy on the basis of sunray and artificial supplies to increase the rice yield and it will start a revolution of rice planting and solve the problem of food safety.

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Ma, J. , Ma, R. , Wu, W. , Lei, X. and Gou, W. (2015) Advances in Industrialized Rice Production Research. Agricultural Sciences, 6, 1202-1206. doi: 10.4236/as.2015.610115.

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