Random Matrix Approach to Correlation Matrix of Financial Data (Mexican Stock Market Case)


The main purpose of this work is to reproduce the method used for U.S. market which consists in the approach of random matrices to crossed correlation matrices built with financial data taken from a Mexican stock market database. First we built a cross correlation empirical matrix with these financial data. Eigenvalue spectrum was obtained from this matrix. We made the same spectrum analysis for a random matrix, and finally we compared both eigenvalue sets, and we tried to set up a hypothesis of how risk was related to this random matrix-correlation matrix approach. We used financial data over a period of six months and time series where made upon three hours measures for crossed correlation matrix.

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González, J. and Torres, A. (2015) Random Matrix Approach to Correlation Matrix of Financial Data (Mexican Stock Market Case). Modern Economy, 6, 1033-1042. doi: 10.4236/me.2015.69099.

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