Effect of Temperature Dependence on Electrical Characterization of p-n GaN Diode Fabricated by RF Magnetron Sputtering


The p-n junction GaN diodes were all fabricated by sputtering technique with cermet targets for p- and n-type GaN and metal targets for electrodes. The interface of these p-n junction GaN diodes examined by high-resolution transition electron microscopy was clear and distinguishable. Lattice images identified the complete dissolution of Mg into the Ga site. At the room temperature, the diode had the turn-on voltage of 2.2 V, the leakage current of 2.2 × 107 A, the breakdown voltage of 6 V, the barrier height of 0.56 eV, ideality factor of 5.0 by I (current)-V (voltage) test and 5.2 derived from the Cheungs’ method, and series resistance of 560 Ω. These electrical properties were investigated at different testing temperatures from room temperature to 200°C. The temperature dependence in the I-V characteristics of the p-n diodes can be successfully explained on the basis of thermionic-emission mode.

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Tuan, T. , Kuo, D. , Li, C. and Li, G. (2015) Effect of Temperature Dependence on Electrical Characterization of p-n GaN Diode Fabricated by RF Magnetron Sputtering. Materials Sciences and Applications, 6, 809-817. doi: 10.4236/msa.2015.69083.

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