Case Study of Solar Power Producing Efficiency from a Photovoltaic System


To study the efficiency increasing of electric energy generation in the Photovoltaic System is concentrated on this paper. There are four cases to improve the efficiency of power producing from the Photovoltaic System. This article not only describes the differences of facilities before and after the proposal, but also evaluates the electric energy generation efficiency and improved results for each proposal. Finally, the better efficiency of all improving ways is analyzed to get into conclusions in order to provide further improvement and reference for the industry in the future. Overall, these proposed methods can improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaic electric energy generation in about 30.18%.

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Lin, C. (2015) Case Study of Solar Power Producing Efficiency from a Photovoltaic System. Open Journal of Energy Efficiency, 4, 45-52. doi: 10.4236/ojee.2015.43005.

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