Systemic Sarcoidosis Associated to IgA Nephropathy


The sarcoidosis was rarely associated to IgA nephropathy. We report a 38-year-old man presented decreased visual acuity and xerostomia. He had two axillary lymphadenopathies and pitting edema of legs in physical examination. The ophthalmological examination revealed a right posterior uveitis. Biological investigations showed a mild renal insufficiency and elevated serum level of angiotensin-converting enzyme, β2 microglobulin and IgA. He had a proteinuria and a microscopic hematuria. The kidney echography was without abnormalities. Histological study of the renal biopsy found results in favor to IgA nephropathy. Biopsies performed in accessory salivary gland and lymph nodes revealed non-necrotising epitheloid and gigantocellular granulomatous inflammation suggesting a sarcoidosis. The diagnosis of a sarcoidosis associated to IgA nephropathy was posed. The treatment was based on oral prednisolone with gradual tapering doses. He regained normal vision. The renal function had not worsened. No relapse of sarcoidosis was noted during our follow up.

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Mahfoudhi, M. , Gorsane, I. , El Euch, M. , Goucha, R. , Turki, S. and Abdallah, T. (2015) Systemic Sarcoidosis Associated to IgA Nephropathy. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 4, 284-288. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2015.48057.

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