Feed Signal Influence and Potential Performances of a Compact Radiation Source Based on a Helical Antenna


In the class of emerging high power electromagnetic sources, a complete pulsed power source, named MOUNA (French acronym of “Module Oscillant Utilisant une Nouvelle Architecture”) has been developed. This device must transmit waveforms with a wide frequency band and a high figure-of-merit. To improve the overall performance of the MOUNA system while maintaining its compact size, two approaches are being explored in the paper: the replacement of the dipole antenna by a helical antenna and its feeding signal influence. Helical antenna is cylindrical shape and relatively compact. It offers relatively good gain factor and directivity. The waveform delivered to the antenna is directly related to the amplitude of the radiated electric field. Therefore, different waveforms (step pulse, Gaussian pulse, bipolar pulse and damped sinusoid) are compared to point out the feed signal influence on the radiated electric field. Switch oscillators appear to be considered as interesting resonant sources for driving an antenna. The novel radiating source consists of a primary power source, a resonant transformer, a coaxial transmission line damped oscillator (also termed as coaxial resonator), and a helical antenna. This high voltage pulsed source is very compact (volume of only 2500 cc without the antenna). Our study aims at designing the antenna (number of turns, size…) and a coaxial damped oscillator directly implemented at the output of the transformer. A CST-based simulation is proposed to predict the performances of this wideband source.

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Pecastaing, L. , Rivaletto, M. , de Ferron, A. , Pecquois, R. , Vézinet, R. , Diot, J. and Tortel, S. (2015) Feed Signal Influence and Potential Performances of a Compact Radiation Source Based on a Helical Antenna. Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications, 7, 199-208. doi: 10.4236/jemaa.2015.77021.

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