Petroleum Patent Used Such Monitoring Technological Like Innovation Process of Drilling Fluids with Xanthan Gum —World Panorama


This paper aims to discuss the importance of patenting and publishing as an instrument of incentive to technological innovation in the petroleum chemistry area. The present study has examined the publications and the patent applications published from 1974 to 2014. A technological monitoring methodology for patents in drilling fluid with xanthan gum has been compared using profiles of patent application in the world, with emphasis on Industrial Property Databases available on the internet (INPI-Br, Derwent, Espacenet, Patent Scope and USPTO) with intention to assess the main inventors, applications, applications’ countries, the IPC classification, years of application and category of claims as well as discuss the importance of patents as a means of encouraging technological innovation of xanthan gum. The United States and China stand out both in relation to the publication of papers as well as in the amount of patent filing in scientific publications with the theme drilling fluid with additive xanthan gum classified by the authors’ country of origin. It is observed that Brazil and the US lead the ranking with 15 publications (about 23.1% of the total). Among the 72 institutions obtained as a result, both Petrobras SA and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, lead the world ranking, with 6 publications each; in relation to the areas of knowledge, it is observed that engineering stands out in the publication of papers and the areas of chemistry, engineering, energy fuels and polymer science are noticeable in numbers of patent applications. The analysis of patent filings in the periods proposed features a significant percentage associated with the classification C09K.

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de Oliveira, M. , Mothé, C. and de Oliveira, L. (2015) Petroleum Patent Used Such Monitoring Technological Like Innovation Process of Drilling Fluids with Xanthan Gum —World Panorama. Engineering, 7, 395-407. doi: 10.4236/eng.2015.77036.

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