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A Multinomial Theorem for Hermite Polynomials and Financial Applications

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Different aspects of mathematical finance benefit from the use Hermite polynomials, and this is particularly the case where risk drivers have a Gaussian distribution. They support quick analytical methods which are computationally less cumbersome than a full-fledged Monte Carlo framework, both for pricing and risk management purposes. In this paper, we review key properties of Hermite polynomials before moving on to a multinomial expansion formula for Hermite polynomials, which is proved using basic methods and corrects a formulation that appeared before in the financial literature. We then use it to give a trivial proof of the Mehler formula. Finally, we apply it to no arbitrage pricing in a multi-factor model and determine the empirical futures price law of any linear combination of the underlying factors.

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Buet-Golfouse, F. (2015) A Multinomial Theorem for Hermite Polynomials and Financial Applications. Applied Mathematics, 6, 1017-1030. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.66094.


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