Energy-Saving and Control of General Indoor Lighting Elements Fed from a Micro-Controlled Hybrid Power Generation System


In this study, an off grid wind-solar hybrid power generation system was established at Afyon Kocatepe University to meet the energy need of lighting system of three different laboratories. It is planned to efficiently use the energy obtained from the designed hybrid power generation system. For this purpose, PIC 16F877 was used in controlling of lighting load of laboratories. The off-grid wind-solar hybrid power generation system consists of 570 W 24 V mono crystal solar panels, 600 W wind power generation system and accumulator groups. The load control circuit made with PIC 16F877 is designed in a manner that will control the lighting armature groups individually activate and deactivate the armature groups according to intensity of illumination in environment. Besides, separately from generation and storing units constituting the hybrid power generation system, data in kWh are recorded by means of software in 10 seconds intervals. With the obtained power generation and storing data, analyzing of power consumption data when the load control system in active or passive position is made. According to analysis results, with controlling of lighting load and using of energy obtained from off grid wind-solar hybrid power generation system, 20.6% energy saving has been ensured.

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Oğuz, Y. , Dursun, B. and Oğuz, H. (2015) Energy-Saving and Control of General Indoor Lighting Elements Fed from a Micro-Controlled Hybrid Power Generation System. Energy and Power Engineering, 7, 110-126. doi: 10.4236/epe.2015.74011.

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