African Music and the Search for a New Musical Paradigm: A Study of Ikorodo Dance Group of Orba Enugu State, Nigeria


Africa’s search for a new paradigm for sustainable development can only be complemented by the search for new musical paradigm that will change the way Africa notates and intones its musical performance. That search has made a study of the Ikorodo musical genre a compelling subject of research by this author. The study will expose new forms of notation, rhythm and dance that confirms the fact that it is difficult to notate the African music genre in accordance with Western system of notation. The pitches and staff difference in intonation is not easily translated. The rhythmic aspects of African music such as Ikorodo unite the music of various groups and areas into discernable rythm. Rhythm is made of patterns, similar patterns are found throughout Africa.

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Nwakego, O. and Umezinwa, E. (2015) African Music and the Search for a New Musical Paradigm: A Study of Ikorodo Dance Group of Orba Enugu State, Nigeria. Open Journal of Political Science, 5, 128-134. doi: 10.4236/ojps.2015.52015.

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