Mathematical Model for Dynamic Pump-Wavelength Selection Switch


This paper presents a mathematical model based on dynamic pump-wavelength selection for an optical packet switch (OPS). In the OPS, multiple packets that carry the same wavelength from different input ports could be addressed to the same output port at the same time slot. This condition is called wavelength contention. Of those contended packets, only one is forwarded to the output fiber while the others are dropped. Parametric wavelength conversion is used to convert the contended wavelengths into available non-contending wavelengths. The OPS based on the dynamic pump-wavelength selection scheme, where the pump-wavelengths are adjusted based on the requests in every time slot, uses a heuristic matching algorithm to minimize the number of packet losses. However, there is no guarantee that the heuristic algorithm outputs the optimum result. The mathematical model presented in this paper is used to confirm the performance of the heuristic matching algorithm for the DPS-based OPS. A simulation shows that the heuristic matching algorithm achieves the same performance as the optimum solution provided by the mathematical model.

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Kitsuwan, N. , Siswanto, D. and Oki, E. (2015) Mathematical Model for Dynamic Pump-Wavelength Selection Switch. Open Journal of Optimization, 4, 1-9. doi: 10.4236/ojop.2015.41001.

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