Phosphorous and Foliar Applied Nitrogen Improved Productivity and Quality of Potato


Growth, yield and quality of potato are greatly affected by its nutritional management. Foliar application of urea reduces nitrogen losses and increases plant nitrogen use efficiency. This study was therefore planned to evaluate the effect of soil applied phosphorus (DAP) and foliar application of nitrogenous fertilizer (urea) on growth, yield and quality of potato. Experiment was comprised of four different treatments of phosphorus (DAP, 46% P) and nitrogen (urea, 46% N) including a control. Treatments were T0 (DAP 160 + Urea 300 kg/acre), T1 (DAP 160 + Urea 5 kg/acre), T2 (DAP 100 + Urea 6 kg/acre) and T3 (DAP 120 + Urea 8 kg/acre). DAP fertilizer was given as basal dressing at the time of sowing. Foliar applications of nitrogenous fertilizer (urea) were given after 30 of sowing with one week interval in five split doses. Results indicated that T3 remained better regarding productivity and quality of potato. The overall fertilizer efficacy regarding yield and quality was: T3 > T2 > T1 > T0. However, Vitamin C was found maximum in T0.

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Qadri, R. , Khan, I. , Jahangir, M. , Ashraf, U. , Samin, G. , Anwer, A. , Adnan, M. and Bashir, M. (2015) Phosphorous and Foliar Applied Nitrogen Improved Productivity and Quality of Potato. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 6, 144-149. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2015.61016.

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