Posterior Dislocation of the Hip in a 4-Year-Old Boy


Traumatic hip dislocations occur in children below 15 years old. Just as in adults, posterior hip dislocations are 10 times more common than anterior hip dislocations. Traumatic hip dislocation in pediatric patients < 10 years of age requires much less force than that in an adult, while in children over 10 years old, We reported a 4-year-old boy with traumatic hip dislocation. Closed reduction with the Bigelow manoeuvre was applied without general anesthesia in the Emergency room. Patient was followed up for 4 weeks in a hip spica cast. There were no problems at the 6-month follow-up examination. Traumatic hip dislocation in children is not a common event and is generally caused by minor trauma.

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Mutlu, S. , Yucel, B. , Duymus, T. , Kömür, B. , Karaman, O. and Mutlu, H. (2015) Posterior Dislocation of the Hip in a 4-Year-Old Boy. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 4, 23-27. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2015.41006.

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