A Study on Health Monitoring of Structural Damages for Two Stories Model by Using Vibration Test


Many structures in Japan were built after the war at a revival term or rapid economic growth. These structures have been reached a life in recent years and it is economically not affordable to conduct repair and reconstruct these structures only with a possibility of being damaged. This paper presents an approach to detect the structural damages for two degrees of freedom (2DOF) model. In this study, we conducted Microtremor measurement, free vibration test and vibration test. The 2DOF model was demonstrated the feasibility of using the proposed approach to damage detection of structural member.

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Ikemoto, T. , Amiraslanzadeh, R. and Miyajima, M. (2014) A Study on Health Monitoring of Structural Damages for Two Stories Model by Using Vibration Test. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 4, 353-360. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2014.44030.

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