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Determination of Trace Amounts of Zinc, Iron and Copper by Flame Atomic Absorption after Their Preconcentration Using Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) Coated Alumina Nanoparticles Modified with 3-Mercapto-D-Valin from Environmental Samples

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A sensitive and simple solid phase extraction method for the simultaneous determination of trace and toxic metals in environmental samples has been reported. The method is based on the adsorption of Zinc, Iron and Copper on SDS-coated alumina nanoparticles, which is also modified with 3-mercapto-D-valine. The retained analyte ions on modified solid phase were eluted using 5 mL of 4 mol·L﹣1 HNO3. The analyte determination was carried out by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The influences of some metal ion and anions on the recoveries of understudy analyte ion were investigated. The influences of the analytical parameters including pH, ligand and SDS amount, eluting solution (type and concentrations) and sample volume on metal ions recoveries were investigated. The extraction efficiency was > 98% with relative standard deviation lower than 3% the method has been successfully applied for the extraction and determination of these ions content in some real samples. Prepared adsorbent was characterized by SEM and FT-IR measurements.

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Baezzat, M. , Maleki, H. , Moghadamhosseyni, E. and Tabandeh, M. (2014) Determination of Trace Amounts of Zinc, Iron and Copper by Flame Atomic Absorption after Their Preconcentration Using Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) Coated Alumina Nanoparticles Modified with 3-Mercapto-D-Valin from Environmental Samples. American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 5, 1228-1238. doi: 10.4236/ajac.2014.517129.


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