The Industrial Relations of Logistics Industry—Based on China’s 2010 Input-Output Table


The paper explores the intrinsic link between logistics industry, national economy and three industries by using Chinese input-output table of 2010. It shows that logistics industry has the strongest inquiry and need on secondary industry; next is itself and the last is Agriculture. Second, the influence coefficient of logistics industry is after the second industry radiation ability; its status in national economy is strong and has become the dominant industry of national economic development. Furthermore, the degree of fluctuation for logistics industry is small, and its restriction role and bottleneck effect are obvious for national economy. Moreover, logistics industry is a sector with strong radiation and weak constraints and its promotion effect on national economy is more pronounced than that of national economy on itself.

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Zhang, J. and Chen, L. (2014) The Industrial Relations of Logistics Industry—Based on China’s 2010 Input-Output Table. Modern Economy, 5, 1087-1091. doi: 10.4236/me.2014.512099.

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