The Impact of Water Level Decline on Water Quality in the Epilimnion of Lake Kinneret (Israel): Perennial Perspectives


Long term record (1933-2014) of Water Level (WL), nutrient concentrations, plankton densities, and temperatures in the epilimnion of Lake Kinneret was analyzed. The aim is to identify if water quality is deteriorated when the WL is low. It was found that water temperature increased and the composition and biomass of plankton communities were modified. Nitrogen and TDP decreased but TP slightly increased in the epilimnion during low WL conditions. The quality of epilimnetic water was not deteriorated and followed by a slight oligotrophism trend.

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Gophen, M. (2014) The Impact of Water Level Decline on Water Quality in the Epilimnion of Lake Kinneret (Israel): Perennial Perspectives. Open Journal of Ecology, 4, 892-906. doi: 10.4236/oje.2014.414075.

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