Haemofiltration and Noradrenaline Corrects life-Threatening Cardiovascular Instability Following Delayed Anaphylactic Reaction to Patent Blue Dye in Sentinel Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer


The aim of this case report is to present a novel approach to the management of very severe anaphylactic reaction to Patent Blue Dye used in Sentinel Node Biopsy for breast cancer treatment. The severity and duration of cardiovascular effects has not been described previously in this setting. Comprehensive ICU support including heamofiltration resulted in the patients’ complete recovery and successful long-term well-being despite a change to our routine cancer care plan.

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Donnelly, P. , Robinson, L. , Halkes, M. and Goodman, A. (2014) Haemofiltration and Noradrenaline Corrects life-Threatening Cardiovascular Instability Following Delayed Anaphylactic Reaction to Patent Blue Dye in Sentinel Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer. Journal of Cancer Therapy, 5, 1059-1064. doi: 10.4236/jct.2014.512111.

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